Barbell For Life

Knee Wraps

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  • Barbell for Life Knee Wraps are made from a proprietary blend of polyester, elastic, and cotton to provide the ultimate knee support and comfort during barbell training

  • Heavy duty, extra strength quality material made to last

  • Moisture wicking technology helps keep your legs dry

  • Excellent for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, and Functional Fitness

  • Compression provided will provide a rebound that protects the knee joints and allows for heavier weights

  • Protect your knees, increase your strength, and start crushing PRs now

  • All Barbell for Life products are designed and tested by national powerlifting and strongman qualifiers

Product Description: 

  • Knee wraps for strength training; made from a proprietary blend of the strongest materials and built to provide ultimate support and comfort for the strongest of athletes
  • Constructed to be versatile and designed for all barbell wielding athletes Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, and Functional Fitness
  • Easy to apply and adjustable for varying degrees of support; provides stability and confidence to begin crushing PRs
  • Perfect for back squats, yoke walks, cleans, front squats, husafell stone carry, and more
  • 1 pair included per order
  • 2 meters long